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Biting a Bullet
tapestry jacket

I've had two driving lessons on my renewed permit. I am not going back on this. I won't be stopped. So many times I stymied myself because I believed I can't and was chronically broke without ever stopping to think it may not be 100% my fault but that my life had outgrown a job that didn't cover my needs, I was more inclined to take it all on myself instead of getting help (I asked but usually didn't get, see the next point) and putting up with sub-par treatment because I believed I didn't deserve better. That I was a sub-par person and needed to prove I was good enough to be given basic politeness. You get schooled in some terrible ways from an early age...
I started breaking those down after every choice was taken from me three years ago. It's coming good now. The humble goals from seven years ago have been fulfilled. Get out of that job, get a chance to work in an office, be liked by the people, to not be the 'loser' who was bullied and left out, to live in a place without fighting and constant criticism. I even have a boyfriend and I don't have the same problems with him as I did with previous relationships and I even reduced the gaming and shopping addictions to the point they're not getting in the way of life.
I don't know what I truly want next, especially for a career, but being able to contribute to the first ever family home and get Mum's flat sorted is a goal. Also, how can you have a career in Australia without a license?


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