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Necrotic Drift Walkthrough

I finally completed a walkthrough for Necrotic Drift after struggling to find work and then struggling to make time outside of work. Today, however, I have a head cold so I decided to use it to my advantage.

Walkthrough for Necrotic Drift

So, we’re in New Haz again, on a different outing. How different? It’s a bit like comparing The World’s End to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz in the Blood and Ice-cream Trilogy: Necrotic Drift’s setting and focus are more linear and narrow than Fallacy of Dawn, but with a darker, more mature plot and characters. I may make another reference to these films later, but I’ll keep it to one.

Chapter One: Duffy
Our intro is to a nice guy named Duffy, his love of D&D and one of the few times he and his dad were best friends as well as family. Today however, he’s rolling his Dodge stat against video rental fees by going to Academy Videos in New Haz so he can have a movie night with his on/off girlfriend Audrey. Trying to prove a point about The Lord of the Rings can lead to danger, it seems.
You don't 'need' to talk to Gibs or your room-mates in this number-based dialogue system, but there’s a nice bit of flavor.
Gibs is your best mate and chatting to him goes a little bit more into your problems with Audrey (any number), and why your room-mates should not be around if you want a movie night with her (if you picked 3). Talking to him again after he mentions his plans for tonight offers some foreshadowing.
Talking to both of your room-mates gives you an idea of why they probably shouldn’t be your room-mates.
X Clerk if you like- Adrian Bates hasn't changed a bit, not even his profile photo.
X DVDs. You can also X the genres to get an idea of Duffy’s personal taste.
Take DVD- no need to specify as Duffy automatically takes The Lord of the Rings.
You can also TAKE NAIL GUN when the clerk tells all of you to hurry up for sleazy reasons, as he places it on the counter. He doesn’t notice you nicking it, so it looks like he really wants that massage…
Soon enough it begins. Some creature lurks its way into the store. The clerk thinks it's a tramp and shows his caring attitude from the last game. Everyone else thinks it's a bot, but bots other than Failed Romero normally don't attack people- not even rude video store staff.
I normally ATTACK THING and save the clerk, but as long as you deal with it before it starts on you. In fact, if you let it knock the clerk out, Gibs encourages you to go get the nail-gun- which you may not have noticed before because you weren’t reading closely enough (oops).
So, no need to pay to hire LOtR. Let's go home. E.

You can X your car all you want, you can't realise that the bot's climbed into your car until you try to ‘enter car’. Cheeky bastard knows to hide on the car floor.
Attack thing again until it drops.
Enter car.

Chapter Two: Audrey
Onto your date with Audrey! In your living room, with two troublesome housemates…This is definitely the part that reminded me a little of Shaun of the Dead, so this is a problem that many people are having today, especially since many people can’t move out. This chapter is fairly dialogue-driven, and your choices matter more in the banter you read next. You can skip to the next chapter in this walkthrough if you like.
The Duffster shares the story of his one big win that lead to his car, a less limited wardrobe and his relationship: a D&D tournament that was won through being a skilled and kind player…five years ago.

T Pang. Unfortunately, no matter which number you pick he won’t bugger off. When you hear the knock on the door, OPEN DOOR to let Audrey in. You can talk to your housemates as they argue over what DVD they’re watching, but you can’t change how they behave.
You can give your housemates a serve for ruining your date and being rude to your girlfriend. T Pang, T Criswell in that order if you want to do both.
N to go to your room and face the music.
T Audrey.
Rather than her talk being a generic bitch about your housemates and a nasty screech blaming you for it, Audrey is concerned about you. She believes you deserve and can make a happier life for yourself, and that you two are falling into a rut instead of enjoying life. Looks like she’s grown from once dumping Duffy for someone trying to buy his funeral plot early- then dumping him for failing. You don’t have to agree, but repeat T Audrey and choose numbers to keep the conversation going.
She’s also moving to Texas and wants you there with her, but you’re not keen on it. When you tell her this, she’s a bit miffed and begins trying to convince you.
Your only option is to say you have work. Not exactly a lie, but you’ll be starting early. Audrey agrees to talk more about Texas later and you leave on uneasy-but-happy terms.
S to get ready to leave.
You have nothing to say to anyone now. Let’s go to work. OUT.

Chapter 3: Corporate Fret
Talk to Trott, read the postcard to learn a little about Delarion Yar’s happy ending.
Talk to Gibbs when he arrives, and do the same for Audrey when she shows up.
Audrey wants to talk to you, but the request is more mundane: can you help her friends working at the Bead Store with their register computer?
Try talking to the girls as they set up their ill-advised ritual. X register. A cable appears to be causing the problem for the PC. Ooh, a pretty crystal ball holder. Take Holder.
Take cable.
To get back to it more quickly, STAND UP. Everyone is fine, Casey even seems a bit too happy that the lights have blown. Sydney may need help. X her…
And that’s not Sydney. The Not-Sydney has weird demon eyes, is floating and has now summoned a…

Skeleton: Duffy knows that skeletons, if they are like role-playing skeletons, are vulnerable to blunt force. Where’s a good bludgeon…the crystal ball holder. Attack with holder!
Unfortunately, Duffy’s afterthoughts inspire the Not-Sydney demon to play with the funny little monsters and rules of D&D. At least they’re well-known, right?

Chapter Four: Necrotic Progression
After the crickets stop, Gibbs pulls everyone out of the store with plans to escape the mall, which is now in lock-down. You, as Duffy, have now been entrusted with being the group tank.

The only other person we care about in the mall is Trott (and even if we don’t care, he knows how to open the doors) so let’s go find him. You might as well drop that holder, as it’s broken.

With Trott being as smart as he is, he would have gone to security to find a way to lock out monsters or find weapons. We have to make sure he’s okay either way. Go east twice and then south to get back to your store. Pick up the stool if you want to use another blunt object. E to back office, x handprint on the window. X shelves, then LOOK IN cardboard box to get the Sierra Hobbies Gamer Glove. N to move on from dumping ground to lounge. Open the door to get into the security room antechamber.
Trott must not have heard us. The doors may be kept shut for a reason. Maybe we haven’t checked everything yet…Damn.

Zombie: Gibs makes a good start on attacking the zombie but his lacrosse stick is knocked away and you have to save him lest you get two zombies on your neck. TAKE STICK and do not let it go. You will need this more often.
Attack zombie with stick!
Talk to Gibs to see if he is okay and to cheer him up with the story of losing your virginity…on 9/11.
Trott is actually quite well and will not turn into a zombie soon, one of the few benefits of being a chubby nerd. He will open doors if you ask him nicely. He offers to open the Sports Store door now, but I prefer the ‘later’ option as the girls are just outside and have no weapons. When he gives you the switched-on phone, just talk to Trott when you’re back at the sporting goods store.

However, there may be a few potential improvised weapons in the sport shop, even if it’s just a door knob in a sock. I like taking this moment to talk to Casey, especially about boyfriends, caps and Audrey being happiest with you. However, get in that store when the screams start!

Ghoul: X ghoul. Gibs is brave enough to draw attention away from Audrey, but becomes paralysed due to direct contact with it. If you haven’t already, get those socks from outside the shop. Wear socks (as mittens so they protect your hands). Attack!

Audrey takes you to see if an exit can be found, leaving Casey to look after Gibs. What she finds instead is a suspected wraith at the perfume counter and pulls you into the jewelry store to hide.

This part was a bit tricky.
Talk to Audrey as the vision unfolds. Empty pleather purse, and take the silver comb that drops. Wraiths don’t like silver.
When you first notice Audrey’s shadow acting strangely, attack shadow with comb. Shadows also hate silver and we don’t want it hurting Audrey.
It will crumble and Duffy will entertain the risky idea of getting the wraith inside to lower the temperature so the safe will open and get rid of the wraith.
Yell to bring the wraith over. Now it’s a waiting game. Watch
As soon as that sleazy bastard makes the safe lock open, open safe, take silver rings and then throw those rings at the wraith. It will now turn to dust and it is safe to leave.

The make-up kiosk is broken, but there is a bottle of perfume to be salvaged. Not a gift for Audrey though. Throw that bottle of perfume over the railing to get rid of that horrible smell.
IN to enter elevator. Press ‘Down’. Press ‘Open Doors’.
Ghast: This guy hates cleanliness more than a sharehouse slacker. Take water from the fountain. Throw water from the fountain at it. Even you feel sorry for the hopeless sap.

For fun, go north, the display case at the Sunglass Hut and grab those shades.
Lips in Poster Store: Be polite, there’s no need to tempt fate. Listen carefully to directions out and turn the flip rack to see the posters, some even relevant to your quest. Remember the candles, text and water.
Spectre: Be nice. We’ll need him later. Never tempt the non-immediately hostile creatures.

You can’t help the poor dead girl crucified in the cheap paperback bookstore, but the text by her will be helpful. Take text. If you read pink text with messed-up capitalization and accusations of being screwed up, you are taking the right things to banish Not-Sydney.

Revenant in Candle Shop: Be nice. Tell him his murderer was the Not-Sydney if you like. Talk to Audrey during the vision. Take menorah.
Take the urn from the crappy party favors store. Go back to the fountain. Take water. Put water into urn.

Get back to the west side where Gibs and Casey were digging up rubble for the way out until a vampire lady stole her. We can still save Casey but we need protection in the form of garlic and to handle that poltergeist throwing stuff at us.
Poltergeist: Drop all items at health store. W. Take all. E. Drop all.  Repeat this until there is nothing there to play with.

At the Health store, search shelf. Take ointment. You will most likely need this shortly. Move down, move further into the coffin room, then into the alcove and take the garlic from the trestle. Immediately, you have triggered the mummy, possibly Guardian of the Garlic?
Mummy: This guy’s strong, fast and poisonous for being dead for so long, so you can’t take too many hits and running away will only mean you get hit in the back. It can be infuriatingly funny if you make a dash back to the shop during the fight because Gibs will warn that the mummy’s behind you just as the last hit and poison is killing you.

Back to coffin room. South to go out. (Listen for the bang as the mummy hits the bracket). North to go in again. Throw stick at bracket. The torch will fall and burn the mummy to a crisp. Take stick.
If you’re touched from the hits: Open jar. Take salve. ‘Put salve on me’ to cure mummy ichor.

Search the coffin. You will find a blood bag amongst the dried blood. Always good to have some of the universal type lying around, so take it.
Get back to near the fountain. The spectre is friendly enough, despite his chilly exterior. He’s happy to hold onto the blood for you and keep it in good nick.

Vampire: We have our garlic now. Attack with stick to eventually stake heart.

Let’s go NW to get out of here. Not-Sydney is back now, but we have the tools to banish the demon.
Follow Audrey’s cue to read the text.
As far as drinking the water goes, we need a virgin. Who is a virgin? Well, not our main characters and Trott’s too far away anyway. Ah, the head of the ghast you felt sorry for as you defeated it! No one would touch someone that awful.
Pour water into the head.

You need to light a candle to finish the banishing ritual. X menorah. Note white candle. Trott will appear and give you a lighter.
Light white candle with lighter.
Now the demon is defeated and cowed as you explain that your friends that allegedly slowed you down are the ones who helped you get there, and that the tabletop games fundamentally teach you about working together, using your strengths to assist others’ weaknesses and protecting them so that they can repay you.
Sydney is now safe. Casey is not out of the woods yet, but the main danger is gone.
Gibs will be telling you of the time you have left to save Casey. The vampire curse may be gone, but so is a lot of her blood.

Because you gave the blood bag to the spectre, he will now appear and give it back. Audrey, being a good medical student, can now start the transfusion to save her and you immediately know the video store is a good isolated, dark place for a makeshift surgery. With the help of your friends, your grit and a lot of D&D knowledge, you have saved a life and may have kicked smoking. However…

Story time. Four months later, Benji’s turned the arcade into something more like a junk store. With Dance Dance Revolution knock-offs and vomiting dolls. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Everyone has pretended the incident never happened. Casey has severed all contact from you. Audrey moved to Texas anyway, leaving you behind.
This portion is conversation dependent, so talk a bit to Trott. It turns out we couldn’t have used him at the end and he’s convinced there are several mundane explanations for that night.
Attack the reappearing bot before it attacks you. Gibs will become a big damn hero and find a practical use for a stripper pole. He’s finally ready to talk a bit about that night if you choose (and you finally get a thank-you and bro-hug) or you can ask about new job opportunities. Either way, keep talking to Gibs and Duffy will finally get the penny that dropped for us ages ago, make the hardest phone call of his life and take Gibs up on a long-standing offer. This will be the first night for the rest of his life…

For anyone who’s really cut up about the ending:
Yes, there’s a lot of sadness in it all, but the final moment here is Duffy’s personal turning point. I think it makes sense: while main characters often have their ‘Eureka!’ or personal problems solved during the intense conflict, and Duffy did have his realization to what his only real hobby was truly about, he was trying to help himself and his friends survive the night rather than trying for a crowning moment of awesome. The fact that no one ever wants to talk about it and face up to nearly dying doesn’t help his self-image either. It’s only after he chooses to take a real opportunity to start something better in his life that he becomes a hero.

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