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Writing (Ranting) about Writing (Still Ranting), or Why I Prefer Gonzo to Cosmo

Gonzo does offer a narrative, occasionally stream-of-consciousness, account of events. Hunter S Thompson’s writing gives a strange authenticity: while the account is colourful, there’s an implicit acknowledgement that he is not a wholly reliable narrator- he admits to being intoxicated throughout most of the Kentucky Derby, that he got more information on the race by watching the news stories that other journalists made and even that the caricature face of the drunk he wanted to find- confessing a story-telling technique he wants to use in his account, during his account- ends up being his own face. He does not necessarily lie, but contrary to saying about satire shows a mirror to everyone’s face but his own, his satire is also aimed at himself.
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Despite the 'body-positive' message, there is a focus on weight loss despite the assumption the readers are AU sizes 8, 10 and 12 and it must only be due to diet and activity. If you have PCOS, your doctor will fix it. Always.

Such magazines hold a contradictory message: these magazines are for ‘all women’ of a certain age, yet the individual components are geared towards only certain women (able to spend money on many leisure activities and fashion, has a lot of female friends, is attracted to men only, works in an office with good prospects, lives in the city, enjoys sex, was born a girl)  and other women are excluded (women with low incomes or unemployed, women in non-office jobs, women who live rurally, women attracted to women, women who are asexual, transwomen, women who don’t have female friends, women who do not follow fashion trends). While these factors are too numerous to all be taken in consideration when pitching, ‘all women’ is not accurate.
Like Sideshow Bob telling everyone to destroy television from a big screen at the baseball, I'm aware of the irony in complaining about this woman's article on complaining. You are allowed to laugh at me. You are allowed to disagree with me. I've acknowledged this here and in the title so you can laugh and disagree.  But I will say that it's my opinion and applies to me. It may resonate with readers, it may not, but I will not say that everything I write is the truth for everyone. It is simply the truth for me.
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Answer for question 4508.

What's one thing you regret not doing in your life (that you had the opportunity to do but didn't)? Why did you pass it up? Do you think your life would have been different if you had done it?
I declined having my photo in the paper at my formal. Obviously not a massive life-changing regret, but it may have shown a few people that I was human like them, and a damn good one too.
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Biting a Bullet

I've had two driving lessons on my renewed permit. I am not going back on this. I won't be stopped. So many times I stymied myself because I believed I can't and was chronically broke without ever stopping to think it may not be 100% my fault but that my life had outgrown a job that didn't cover my needs, I was more inclined to take it all on myself instead of getting help (I asked but usually didn't get, see the next point) and putting up with sub-par treatment because I believed I didn't deserve better. That I was a sub-par person and needed to prove I was good enough to be given basic politeness. You get schooled in some terrible ways from an early age...
I started breaking those down after every choice was taken from me three years ago. It's coming good now. The humble goals from seven years ago have been fulfilled. Get out of that job, get a chance to work in an office, be liked by the people, to not be the 'loser' who was bullied and left out, to live in a place without fighting and constant criticism. I even have a boyfriend and I don't have the same problems with him as I did with previous relationships and I even reduced the gaming and shopping addictions to the point they're not getting in the way of life.
I don't know what I truly want next, especially for a career, but being able to contribute to the first ever family home and get Mum's flat sorted is a goal. Also, how can you have a career in Australia without a license?

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I'm serious, here

Have any of the published ladies and gentleman here ever considered making a 'Choice of...' Game? I think you can actually pitch an idea to them if you've already published. I learned of Max Gladstone and the Craft Sequence because I played Choice of the Deathless. On the Choice of website, two paid options are discussed. I suggest you all check it out because all of the authors here deserve the increased audience exposure and deserve some compensation!

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Something to Improve On

I am actually really bad at being happy.
I'm grateful. I am. I've done something I've always wanted to do: spend a night in a hotel- where I don't have to worry about anyone else. What's even better, I got to share this with someone special. Just for a short time, we had our own little nest, we could go wherever we pleased and we weren't going to have to overhear three hours of political debates from his housemates.
I have this idea that if I do enough of the little things I've always wanted to do, I can finally move on from so many years of unhappiness, so much time spent working hard for so little, so much loneliness and so many lies I believed about myself.
I want to create my own happiness and be deserving of it. As long as I don't turn into a jerk. I don't like them.
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Thursday's Child: When Siblings Collide

Here ends Thursday's Child. While this was the first story I came up with for Psychopomp, wanting to see if Nia could get some comfort in her desperately lonely and unstable life despite being very guilty of dire misdeeds, this wouldn't be the first chronologically so there probably will be canon-weirdness to iron out if I turn this into a full series. This would still be in the early parts though.

Nia came back six minutes later. She nearly dropped her literal and figurative bundles when Duffy rose up to greet her and then made himself violently ill again. I held up a hand to stop her from panicking.
“Too much hair of the dog, no faerie food.”
“Hullo Nia. Hit me if you like.” Macduff offered cheerily.
Would that help him?
“No, it won’t help him but may help you teach him a lesson.”
“I am…terrible aren’t I?” Duffy asked Nia as he curled back into the couch.
His sister shook her head, smiling. He wagged a finger. “Don’t tolerate it, you deserve better. See, big sisters are allowed to hit their brothers for …acting up, such as when they leave them waiting …and then go to a party without a single sorry…and getting blotted. I tried to find your place… your new one… but I was so glad you weren’t there. That’s not a home. Can they let you live somewhere else? I thought they were supposed to keep you safe, no matter what. Li-.”
I think everyone was relieved he drifted off. I turned back to his sister and opened the box.
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To be edited: Red Dwarf made me laugh again

Red Dwarf is based on a funny but tragic premise of the last living man, Lister, ever trying to make it back to Earth after being in statis for three million years in the vain hope of finding something like home to him. What makes it funny is that he's not alone. He's got a very un-HAL ship computer named Holly, a man evolved from cats who is simply The Cat (ever wondered what your cat would be like as a person?) a hologram of his former room-mate, Rimmer, and later has a self-blaming, genre-savvy cleaning robot/mother hen in Kryten.
Even in an unfair universe, Grant Naylor delivers their own brand of comedic justice. In Red Dwarf, everyone gets made fun of and Rimmer only gets it more because he actively tries to be nasty to the others and then gets insulted back. This made me laugh after being the butt of everyone's jokes and everyone's punching bag wherever I went for four years of both my childhood and adolescence. It was hilarious but it wasn't simply unfair or mean-spirited. If Rimmer was a nice nerd character, I really believe the writers would have given him an equal share of jokes. Most of the Rimmer-based humour is from him trying to be nasty or devious and having it backfire on him.
We are allowed to feel sorry for everyone too, even if, like Rimmer, they bring their problems on themselves.

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